Welcome to OISC BU12 Premier Team

Hello Players, Parents, Guardians and Families,

Welcome to the Ottawa Internationals Soccer Club (OISC) BU12 Premier team for the Summer 2020 training sessions.

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on our society and families. The future holds uncertainty in terms of how and when we will make that transition back to a more vibrant and interactive community. Due to the constraints of Covid-19, we started within a virtual environment, and, in alignment with the OISC Return to Play guidelines, we have transitioned to a Return to Train (with distancing) physical environment.

This webpage will serve as a portal for information on the team during this Return to Train phase. I am really looking forward to working with the team, and developing positive outcomes that can be a transition towards a (future) return to play phase. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via TeamSnap.

Thank you.

Shawn Kenny
Head Coach, OISC BU12 Premier Team

Coaching Philosophy

My guiding principles are centered around the environment we develop, expectations we hold and perspective on how we define and measure success.

My approach is focused on providing an inclusive and positive environment for the long-term growth and development of each person as a life-long athlete and member of our community.

My expectations place an emphasis on open communications for engagement, personal commitment to a positive work ethic, and accountability to oneself and the team.

We will define and measure success where players strive to achieve their maximum potential, face adversity with composure, venture outside their comfort zones, directly engage challenges, and embrace all outcomes as opportunities for learning and self-improvement.

Building Team Culture


to be respectful and accountable for our actions and engagement with respect to oneself or others (e.g., teammates, bench staff, opponents, officials, and parents/guardians & other family members)


to be fully engaged and strive towards achieving maximum potential, with an emphasis on a positive work ethic, commitment, and determination


to build an inclusive and positive environment with rewarding experiences and friendships for life-long enjoyment of sport

Team Motto

Commitment, Excellence, Teamwork

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